Smart-Features® Components – Exclusive to Gen7Pets™ Products

Attention to the details is what makes the difference between an effortless experience for you and your. We've given special attention to features that tend to be an inconvenience for pet owners, resulting in our innovative Smart-Features® collection, exclusively available on Gen7Pets™ products.

Look for these Smart-Features® components as you browse our dog and cat strollers, carriers, ramps, steps, cots, travel beds and petyards:

Smart Zipper Canopy
Canopy zips and unzips with ease; and conveniently pops up under the canopy hood and out of the pet’s way. Part of the Platinum Series: included on Monaco™ stroller.

Smart-Removable Basket
Removes for easy carry & storage (no more need to empty basket to close the stroller) and folds down), includes carry straps. Part of the Platinum Series: included on Monaco™ stroller.

On many strollers, the mesh opens down into the pet compartment area, encroaching on your little friend's space. Our Smart-Canopy conveniently moves up and out of the way – simply push it back, and it pops up under the canopy hood and out of the way of your pet. Included on the Promenade™ stroller, Cruiser, Journey and Regal™ Plus strollers.

With a convenient zipper on the rear side of the stroller, the Smart-Basket gives you easy access to your gear. With the secure and roomy Smart-Basket, you'll have plenty of room for your and your pet's accessories. Included on the Promenade™ stroller, Cruiser and Regal™ Plus strollers.

Folding up pet strollers can be a real hassle, but not with the Smart-Fold feature! We've placed the Smart-Fold button right on the handle of the stroller, so you can effortlessly fold it from a standing position. Included on the Imperial, Promenade™ and Regal™ Plus strollers.

Unlike other brands' wheeled carriers, Gen7Pets™ Roller-Carrier features a Smart-Level Platform that keeps your pet from tipping over as the carrier is pulled from behind.

Move at your own pace with the ergonomically designed Smart-Reach handle. The thoughtfully positioned handle provides more kick space when pushing the stroller, letting you comfortably walk at your own speed. Included on all Gen7Pets™ strollers.

Simulated soft angora is the secret behind our amazingly soft Smart-Comfort pads. Not only will your pet love the luxurious feel, but also you'll be happy to know they're also easy to clean and perfectly fit any Gen7Pets™ products. Included on all Gen7Pets™ carriers. Available for purchase with any Gen7Pets™ stroller.

Traditionally strollers with zippers have been cumbersome to zip and unzip because of the need to thread the zipper every time you used it. Smart-Zippers come pre-zipped and with two zipper pulls so you can open and close the pet compartment just like a suitcase. No more threading in tight spaces, simply zip open and zip closed.

Smart-Wheels have extra durable EVA foam treads that will never run flat. The G7 Jogger™ stroller front Smart-Wheel also has ball bearings for a smooth glide.

Smart Air-Flow
Our Cool-Air Cot® Pet Bed's resting area is made of furniture-grade mesh that provides cool air comfort and promotes water drainage after it rains, reducing the potential for itchy hotspots on pet's fur.

Smart-Fold Bed
When open, the Gen7 Traveler™ Portable Pet Bed’s reinforced sides maintain its structure to provide a comfy cozy environment. When ready to travel, one side folds snuggly into the other and a simple snap holds it in place.