Ortho-pad Stroller Liner & Bed

Bob is enjoying his Ortho-Pad in his Dress Blues Monaco™ Pet Stroller
Ortho-pad does not come with tethers. Tethers are found on every Gen7Pets™ Stroller.
Rexie is loving his Gen7Pets Regal Plus™ Stroller with Ortho-pad.
Does your pet need a little extra support to be comfortable? Whether back problems, ailing hip, aging or just a pet that likes to be pampered, the Ortho-pad is made with egg crate foam base that is both plush, supportive and cozy. The deep cushion evenly distributes weight and alleviates pressure on muscles and joints. The unique padded rim offers TLC. Designed specifically for, but not limited to, use in a Pet Stroller, the Ortho-pad comes in 2 sizes. Whether your furry family member wants to enjoy a soothing restful stroller ride, or it’s their regular bed, pets welcome the snuggly feeling of relaxation it provides. Gen7Pets® always suggests you check with your Vet regarding therapeutic use of any product.
Smart-Features® Components:
  • Covered in soft durable 100% polyester faux fur.
  • Egg crate orthopedic form base evenly distributes weight.
  • Helps alleviate pressure on muscles and joints.
  • Supportive bolster rim provides a sense of closure while providing a secure plush space.
  • Non-slip backing with waterproof treatment.
  • Machine washable for easy care while retaining support, cushion and softness or simply vacuum.
  • Available in 2 sizes: Medium and Large.
  • Fits many brands of Strollers. Please check dimensions for best fit.
  • Medium size fits perfectly into Gen7Pets Regal Plus ™ Stroller.
  • Large size fits perfectly into Gen7Pets Promenade™, Monaco™ and G7 Jogger™.

  • Product Dimensions:
    • MEDIUM 22”L x 11” W x 2” high
    • LARGE: 25”L x 11” W x 2”
  • Color: Gray
  • Model number:
    • MEDIUM G2122GY
    • LARGE G2125GY