Gen7 Commuter™ Pet Carrier & Car Seat

The Gen7 Commuter™ pet carrier can also be buckled into a vehicle for an impact-protection car restraint. The seat belt latch and shoulder strap securely restrain the carrier – and pet – during travel. The simulated angora Smart-Comfort pad gives your pet an amazingly soft place to rest. It’s also easy to clean.
Smart-Features® Components:
  • Smart-Comfort Pad

  • Easily transfers in and out of vehicle
  • Sturdy structure won’t collapse when seat belt is applied
  • Durable seat belt latch keeps carrier in proper position
  • Padded shoulder strap with reinforced closures for added impact protection rests around headrest for added stability
  • Easy tote and handle and smart comfort pad

  • Overall Dimensions: 20” long x 9” wide x 13” high
  • Colors: Black (Model G2519BL), Burgundy (Model G2519BU)
  • Maximum Weight: 20 lbs.