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Our Story

In Genesis 7 God used Noah and the ark to preserve animal life after the flood. Though Genesis chapter 7 is not the only place in the Bible where God mandates to care for animals, it is where we have chosen the name for our company: Gen 7, Inc.

Since its inception, Gen 7, Inc. has been intentionally managed with Biblical principles. It is only natural that our name be a daily reminder for how we should conduct business by providing quality products, excellent customer care, and outstanding retail partner services.

We promise to deliver ongoing Gen7Pets™ product innovation, superior manufacturing, and customer centered service – consistently.

OUR COMMITMENT and investment in PRODUCT INNOVATION have resulted in a number of industry breakthroughs from comfort and convenience for pets, to ease of operation and convenience for pet parents.
More innovative products are on the way …

OUR DEDICATION to RESPONSIBLE MANUFACTURING PRACTICES makes a great difference in product quality. We have quality systems in place with our partners to uphold product and people standards through testing, factory inspections and social audits.
We’re driven to deliver consistent quality …

OUR PROMISE to deliver EXCELLENCE IN QUALITY & CUSTOMER SERVICE means that when things don’t go as desired, it’s how we handle those situations that matter most.
We promise to always make it right …

Gen7Pets™ Products: Smart-Features® Components … Stylish-Fashion … Simple-Functionality

For People Who Enjoy Life With Their Pets!

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Thank you for your interest in learning more about becoming a Gen7Pets™ Retail Partner with Gen 7, Inc.

The Gen7Pets™ Retail Partnership Strategy:
  • We promise to do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • We know that one size does not fit all, which is why we will always do our best to accommodate your special needs as we do business together. If you are ordering one piece or one hundred, we want to work with you to get it to you in the least expensive and most efficient way possible.
  • We want to be accessible to answer all your questions.

The Gen7Pets™ Product Strategy:
  • Product quality is at the very heart of the design and manufacturing process. That is why we can offer a full 6-month warranty against manufacturing defects on all our products.
  • Product innovation is what sets Gen7Pets™ products apart from other products available on the market today. Our Smart-Features® components available throughout the entire line combine innovation, ease of use, and simple functionality.
  • Product merchandising is key to sales, therefore we will provide you with tools and information to better communicate to your customers the benefits and features of Gen7Pets™ products.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or complete and submit the form below so we can get to know you and see how we can best help you with Gen7Pets™ products.

Thank you from all of us at Gen 7, Inc.

Gen7Pets™ Smarter Travel Collection

Gen7Pets Smarter Travel Collection

Gen 7 helps you travel with your pet simply, securely, stylishly, and safely.

The Gen7Pets™ Smarter Travel Collection considers all your pets’ special transport and comfort needs while on the road, or in the air. Each piece has been designed for simplicity while traveling without sacrificing that sense of home.

Carry-Me Sleeper
Carry-Me Sleeper™ This innovative 2-in-1 Carrier/Bed provides the ultimate in convenience, soothing comfort and peace of mind. It’s compatible with many major airlines. Please check with your airline before traveling. This carrier offers a lush interior and when it’s time for rest, simply unzip and unfold into an inviting bed. MORE>
Gen7 Commuter
Gen7 Commuter™ Approved for use on most major airlines*, the Commuter considers all the ways you travel with your pet. Traveling pets need security for both you and them. MORE>
Gen7 Traveler
Gen7 Traveler™ This convenient Portable Pet Bed makes bunking down for a snooze easy. When on the go, it folds into itself and can be carried on your shoulder. MORE>
Carry-Me™ Whether traveling by car or plane, move seamlessly with a carrier that slides easily over a luggage handle and attaches with any seat belt. MORE>
Roller-Carrier This distinctive Roller-Carrier considers the needs of its very unique cargo. The Smart-Level™ platform will not tip, but expand to keep your pet level for a comfortable ride. Roll it or use it as a backpack. When you reach the car, attach it easily in place with a seatbelt. MORE>